About Us


Choose the right item of Delano Clothing, and you’re set to start your day as a goddess of beauty. That’s the promise we make each time we produce a new pair, and it’s a promise that we’re keen on keeping for all the awesome girls that use our brand on a daily basis.

Delano Clothing represents the people who work hard and look as good at the end of the day as they were when they woke up and got dressed.

It can be hard to purchase high-end designer quality clothing item on a budget, but we believe that by keeping the right balance between being affordable and using only high-quality materials we can help you move through life more freely, without having to worry about clothing that’s not right for your body.

For many of Delano Clothing, we’re using hand sanding to we ensure that the material will have a smoother feel and to give you precisely the type of look you desire so that your body will buckle from excitement.

Everyone knows that usually it’s hard to find a one size fits all in the clothing world but we firmly believe that we’re the closest you can get.

Our clothing can fit you perfectly, and you can try whatever style suits you and your personality best. No matter what you prefer, be it bottoms, dresses, outerwear or something different, we got a large variety of options for you.

We want to provide the highest comfort whoever wearing our products so that they can feel comfortable, confident and sexy.

As a company, we believe in offering you the best value, and we appreciate your decision to buy from our brand. That’s why, if you have any problem using any of our products all you have to do is contact us with details, and we’ll get back to you with a fix soon!